“Community Development through Art.
Yokohama Style.”

Appearance of Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino

Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino introduces new trends in creative expression that transcend the conventional genre boundaries in the arts. It nurtures a broad spectrum of expressive activities filled to the brim with creativity. Our goal is to create a forum for creative activities where individuals of all ages can interact and share their work. In addition to managing our galleries and atelier for use by all, we hold three special exhibitions and a rich variety of classes and concerts every year.

Program Details (FY2015-FY2019)

1. Special Exhibitions

We hold a series of three special exhibitions each year.

Azamino Photo Annual

Using items selected from the approximately 10,000 cameras and photographs in our permanent collection (the former Naylor Collection), this annual exhibition explores the history, culture, and social roles of the camera and photography from a broad variety of perspectives, including the place of photography in contemporary society.

Azamino Contemporary

This exhibition introduces the latest genre-crossing trends in contemporary art.

Azamino Children’s Gallery

Held during summer vacation , this special exhibition offers children many ways to meet artists and encounter new forms of expression.

Azamino Photo Annual
Azamino Contemporary
Azamino Children’s Gallery

2. Programs for Children

These parent-child activities are for preschool through elementary-school-aged children accompanied by their parents.

Free Zone for Children & Parents

A space where children can experience the joy of making something for themselves. This program is offered three times a month.

Children’s Programs

Art workshops tailored to children’s ages and stages of development.

Creative Picnics

These events are for children with special needs and their parents or guardians. Held once a month, this program provides a place for creative activities, a place that allows children to work confidently and without being rushed, at their own pace.

Free Zone for Children & Parents
Children’s Programs
Program with Azamino Art Supporter

3. Programs for Adults

To participate in these programs, individuals must be junior high school students or older. Classes in arts and crafts introduce the use of techniques, materials, tools, and equipment so that even beginners can enjoy creating with them. Lectures and artist workshops are also included in our wide range of programs.

Programs for Adults

4. Public Participation Programs

Azamino College

A place where the the boundaries of art are extended to include whatever participants would like to learn or teach others more about.

Azamino Art Wagon

A one-day shop where artists and individuals with disabilities offer their works for sale.

Azamino Marché

A marketplace for vegetables grown by and handmade confections made by individuals with disabilities.

Fellow Art Gallery

A space where everyone can enjoy art, regardless of disabilities or other differences, our standing exhibition space is designed to build richer relationships in which we affirm each other on the same horizon.

Showcase Gallery
and Gallery in the Lobby

Showcase Gallery exhibitions present work by contemporary artists, four times a year. Gallery in the Lobby exhibitions display items from our camera and photography collection, also four times a year. Both types of exhibitions are held in our lobby.

Lobby Concerts

Free and highly enjoyable performances by local musicians at noon on the second and fourth Sunday of every month.

Art Plaza Bento Shop and Bakery

By providing a place for these shops, we support Yokohama farmers, women entrepreneurs, and philanthropic organizations.

Azamino Supporters of the Arts

Our supporters are volunteers who register to help out at the Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino. They work with artists and staff members to create exhibitions and bring added excitement to events.

Azamino College
Azamino Art Wagon & Azamino Marché
Fellow Art Gallery
Showcase Gallery
photo:Ken Kato
Gallery in the Lobby
Lobby Concert
Azamino Art Supporter

5. Azamino Salon

Here we introduce art of many genres, including films, concerts, rakugo (traditional comic storytelling), and talks.

Azamino Salon

6. The Collection of Camera and Photography of the Yokohama City

Our mission includes curating Yokohama City’s extraordinary Camera and Photography collection (the former Naylor Collection) and using materials from that permanent collection in exhibitions illuminating the history of cameras and photography throughout the world.

Example of Yokohama City Camera and Photography Collection


9:00 – 21:00 * Exhibition hours vary.

The fourth Monday of each month and during the year–end and New Year’s holidays.
* May also close for maintenance at other times.


Art Forum Azamino
1-17-3 Azamino-Minami, Aoba-ku
Yokohama, Kanagawa 225-0012

Tel. +81-(0)45-910-5656
Fax +81-(0)45-910-5674
*Please make sure you dial correctly.


5 minutes’ walk
from Exit 1 or 2 of Azamino Station on the Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line

also 5 minutes’ walk
from the East Exit of Azamino Station on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line

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How to get to Art Forum Azamino from Azamino Station by walk
* Direction on display is in Japanese